Friday, December 24, 2010


There are so many new comer in the entertainment industry right now and the name Marko Stout is just one of them. The jack of all trades is currently in a project called "CAVE" in which Marko Stout makes it more clearer about the philosophy of the cave. This NYC artist is getting all attention right now because of his style of art that is unique in the artist world. Now residing in Manhattan, Marko Stout is often called about the art exhibit that will soon be launched. There are already paintings that is available for view on the web about this exhibit. I was very excited about this project of Marko Stout it because this subject is my favorite philosophy subject before and now, an Artist Marko Stout is going to bring this topic again and incorporate it in his painting collections. For me, it would be interesting how Marko Stout would express his thoughts into writings in the subject. The use of colors would indeed to the right expression in the paintings. It would be interesting also to see in his paintings on how he uses the right image for the prisoners as depicted in the story of the cave. I have already told my Hollywood celebrities friends about the exhibit and they confirmed that they will come to see the exhibit soon. Just like Marko Stout, I am also a painter and it would be nice to meet another famous artist in person and discuss with him the thoughts that he has and included it in his art work.