Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In London, Justin Bieber has to hop into a ambulance and be brought to the nearest medical facility after tripped and broke his left foot, According to the doctors that attended Justin Bieber said that the young man has to stay away from the industry for awhile for recovery purposes.

To all the fans of Justin Bieber, the boy will be out for awhile but after he has recovered from the tripped incident, he will be back and better once more. This young boy's career is on a climb and this small incident will not be glitch on his rising career as managed by Usher.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The most famous boxer in the world today, Manny Pacquiao has been offered to do a episode on a celebrity dance show. After winning his fight against Miguel Cotto, offers poured in for the boxing champion to do Hollywood shows and even movies. Manny Pacquiao is no neophyte in the camera. He has movies back in his native land.

There are rumors about a movie of Manny Pacquiao and Silvester Stallone. It will be like a Rocky series. But there is a twist in the movie, Stallone will be the trainer of Manny Pacquiao in the movie. And Freddie Roach will be the ring announcer. That will be a fun movie to watch soon!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Step aside everyone because Fergie is coming! This member of the black eyed peas is very vocal about her desires and intimate dreams while in her bed. She also talks about her opinion on cheating in a realtionship. Fergie is very vocal about her dreams such as boys and even girls. She always tell everyone that she likes in a guy, usually leading to the below the belt. She also dreams of having a same sex relationship. She also talks about her man at this very moment.

Fergie's career is sky high right now because of her group, The Black Eyed Peas. She has some scheduled gigs with her group mates. Touring around the world and promoting peace and harmony among all. The Black Eyed Peas was just one of the performers in the formula 1 in Singapore. Fergie is a performer that has so many hidden talents that she had not yet showed to the world. Watch out for the gigs of Fergie and other Hollywood music scene.

Friday, November 13, 2009


After the incident, Brad Pitt swear not to ride a motorcycle again until such time he has totally recovered from the trauma of the motorcycle accident. Because of this, we will no longer see Brad Pitt cruise the Hollywood Boulevard with his motorcycle. Wife, Angelina Jolie was very scared about the incident and has told husband not to ride the dangerous motorcycle.

Brad Pitt was one avid fanatic of motorcycle. In fact his motorcycle cost big bucks and only the status of Brad Pitt can afford such bike and use it. In an interview, Brad Pitt was scared about the incident and will be in therapy for a couple of months before we can see him back on the bike. This idea of Brad Pitt is a good move for him.

Monday, November 9, 2009


After the death of Jett Travolta, Scientologist John Travolta and family is now getting up and slowly recovering from the son's lost due to seizure attack. According to sources, John and his family is going a counseling session for the positive recovery from the traumatic death of Jett Travolta.

John Travolta denied to give any comments about extortion case that they filed against two individuals. I wish John Travolta and his family speedy recovery from this experience. The death of Jett Travolta is not the end but a beginning of something new in this world. John Travolta belongs to the Scientology group. The Hollywood world of celebrity has so many things hidden to all.


I was watching Tailor Swift in youtube this evening and I noticed that she has a good smile and the looks to be called a Diva. Her voice can make the audience shout their lungs out. Her killer looks makes bad guys turn good guys. But in this generation of musicians and performers in Hollywood, Tailor Swift has all the necessary things to make her prosper more in the music industry.

I know man of Tailor Swift's fans would dislike me but I am just trying to be honest about the singer. Repackage is the right word for her. She needs to make her music go beyond the teenager stage and break into the adult genre of music.

Friday, November 6, 2009


We spotted Lindsay Lohan coming from a suede party in Hollywood. She looks sleepy and I think the word drunk is more appropriate for the looks of Lindsay Lohan. She is accompanied by a male date during that night. Lindsay Lohan is going through so much this year. Her Father was another issue for her. According to sources, Lindsay Lohan might be pregnant now that she is dating the opposite sex. Lindsay Lohan has a brilliant career before fame and fortune went into her head. She was seen drinking with famous career destroyer friends and some buddies that were not helping excel in the Hollywood industry.

I think there is still hope for Lindsay Lohan to change her bad ways. Samantha Ronson has already moved on in their love story. According to sources, Sam is now dating another girl. In order to get rid of the bad publicity that Lindsay Loah is swimming right now, I think she needs to get away for a couple of months away. No cameras and pictures. She needs to be alone and do some charitable moves just like Angelina Jolie did in her career and now she has Brad Pitt in her side.


Britney Spears failed to received her 8th EMA award. This was what happened after Britney Spears lose to her rival, Beyonce's single ladies song. Britney Spears was one of the top contender for the award for her circus song. But I guess the circus was not enough to defeat Beyonce's dancing style in her video.

But even though Britney Spears didn't win the prestigious award, she is still coming back with a vengeance of redemption. Britney Spears is said to launch another album early next year. That is a good move for Britney Spears. She should consider Lady Gaga's song writing for it made her famous in the years back.


After a brawl that caused Rihanna several surgery, Rihanna has finally decided to leave Chris Brown for good. Chris Brown is a no good example to the world. Rihanna has finally recovered from that traumatic event of her life after Chris Brown beat her. After the incident, Chris Brown and Rihanna went separate ways. Chris Brown was charged of assault and crime against women as he caused pain to Rihanna.

Rihanna is doing good right now. She has moved on and left the incident behind, alearning experience for her. Chris Brown at first pleaded not guilty of the assault but later on admitted that his fist went straight to Rihanna's face. Chris Brown was given a guilty verdict and was ordered to do civic work in the community. According to sources, Rihanna is dating another guy right now. I hope that this time no fist will land on Rihanna's beautiful face. Hollywood is very crazy. Celebrities do this that are stupid.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


One of my most admired song writer and artist is no other than Alicia Keys. Her albums and songs were my favorite. Her song with Usher titled my boo was even our group song way back in college. But I haven't see Alicia Keys these past few days. This award winning songwriter and artist should be visible.

Aside from her beautiful voice, Alicia Keys also has a face that every guy in this planet can fall in love with. Her smile captivates the watchers and her voice is just extraordinary above the rest. The last time I saw Alica Keys was on MTV years back. She remain silent for the past few years already. Hollywood arena is filled with young and beautiful stars. But Alicia Keys is more than just a face but has the voice as well.


Nobody beats Kim Kardashian when it comes to surprises. In a celebrity party for the Halloween celebration, Kim Kardashian standout among the rest in her genie costume. I think Kim Kardashian made a right decision in dressing up as a genie because she has the looks of a genie. As I look at Kim Kardashian's picture, I remember the Arabian nights movie and the genie in the bottle is Kim Kardashian.

I think Kim Kardashian was the best dress among others. Masks and other vampire costumes are passed out when I saw Kim Kardashian glazed the crowd with her genie costume. In Hollywood parties, I would be best to find something unique when it comes to presentation and Kim Kardshian did it with flying colors.


Who would expect that for just 2 months on the show, Ashlee Simpson will bid farewell to Melrose Place. According to sources, Ashlee Simpson's participation in Melrose was just to create more buzz for the slow show. This was also the statement of Jessica Simpson, Ashlee's older sister.

In fairness to the show, I think Melrose Place is more popular than Ashlee Simpson. The show has been around for quite sometime now and Ashlee Simpson is just part of the show. She has no reason to get mad about the ejection of her role in the show. As they say, the show must go on!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Many Hollywood celebrities gain weight because of their bad habits and maybe their type of work. Because of this, many Hollywood celebrities enroll at a gym class or session. Others would just visit their plastic surgeon and have a liposuction to their expensive body. That's what money can do. But for Kate Hudson, she opted for a more positive way of losing weight.

Kate Hudson just stop drink alcoholic drinks and then her weight declined in few months of no drinking any alcoholic beverages. Her style is very effective since she lose 20 pounds of her original weight. Many celebrities right now are following what Kate Hudson did and the result is a positive one.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


She’s no stranger to high-profile shindigs, and last night (November 2) Paris Hilton was having a blast at the Jimmy Choo for H&M Collection launch. Joined by her sister Nicky, the “Simple Life” starlet was more than happy to pose for the paparazzi before heading inside to get in on all the action.

And it was a busy night for Miss Hilton, as she was also seen out and about in Los Angeles with her hunky boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. The happy pair enjoyed a romantic dinner date at BOA steakhouse and were caught making out in their car as they drove away. Paris Hilton is just a face. she may have all the luxury in this world but she is still one of the most undesired celebrities in Hollywood. She has a poor image right now.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I was watching MTV this morning and I get closed to a band that I think is going to make big waves in the coming days. They are called Metro Station and their song is Shake It! According to sources, the band is going to have a concert with Miley Cyrus. This is going to be held in the USA.

The concert is like a tour and Miley Cyrus is the main attraction as they visit several states. If this concert feasible, the group might go on a concert abroad and several countries will be the venue of the concert. The lead man of this band is the brother of Miley Cyrus.


I was watching the local billboard of top songs and I was surprised to see that Miley Cyrus rocks the chart. Her song Party in the USA is now no. 1 in the chart. Miley Cyrus is one good chick and the most in demand Hollywood teen right now. She moved from the country image girl to a more sexy looking city living star. Listening to her music and watching her video is what I like best right now.

Miley Cyrus is said to be having on the road shows and some collaboration with other stars in Hollywood. Miley Cyrus even deleted her twitter account. That is quite surprising for me to know. Many of her fans would leave comments on her account. But since Miley Cyrus already delated her account, we have to wait for further announcements regarding that and where to chat to her. Congratulations Miley Cyrus!